Keyboard Tricks You Should Know About


We use computers in day to day life  let  be  at  work , home, school, etc. While use  computer  sometimes it's boring to  use mouse everytime and  at work we need to be quite fast.But can i save time and work  fast ? Yes, absolutely  there is  a  way  and  it's  using  keyboard  shortcuts which are combinations  of different  keyboard functions to make your life  easier. Below are some keyboard shortcuts.

Note: Below shortcuts are for Windows.
1. Rotate Screen
Sometimes the video is upside down or rotated left  right  or may be it happens accidentally.Don't be scared you can rotate the screen.This feature may not work in your computer without graphic card .

For rotating screen:

Upside down :

ctrl+alt+down key ( ⬇️ )

To Left :
ctrl + alt +left key (⇽ )

To Right :

ctrl+alt+right key(➡️) 

2. Switching Tabs 

Want to switch between tabs without using mouse then here's the shortcut :
ctrl + alt

3. Cut/Copy/Paste An Item
Cut ,Copy or Paste an item/folder/…

How Should I Take Care Of Computer?

Computer is   a machine  just like we put oil  or lubricants in our  vehicles , there are things you need to  do  while  using your computer so as to make it  function  smoothly. If  care is not taken properly   you  may  have  to  change  computer parts which are damn expensive  and sometimes you might think of even getting a new computer instead.As said " prevention is  better than cure " if you follow your computer will live long.

1. Installing Antivirus 

 Do you know who is the main culprit in making your computer/laptop run slow? Its   the Virus it comes  through any disc  which  can be writable like  Pen Drive , CD , DVD   and  other    things   also it can come through some sites while browsing. They will infect your whole  computer which can make you lose your data. Precaution for this is to get a good   antivirus  software   installed  in  your   computer  and  scan  your Pen  Drive  and  other  things  with   antivirus  befor…

Troubled With Computer Related Issues?


Nowdays, in every family there  is   atleast one computer  or   laptop  and  so  every one   faces computer related  problems several times while playing games ,playing movies-music , creating  presentation   etc .  These   problems    can    be sometimes  quite severe and  you need  to    get check of  your computer   by   a   technician but what  do i have to visit a tech every time i face a computer  issue?  NO  absolutely    not  you can solve  the   problems  at   home  itself . Yes  you  heard  it   right  here  are some computer trouble shooting  problems  you  might face while using computer  and some  solutions for this problems.

1.Computer Is Shutting Downa)Power Supply : For computer,randomly shutting down is related to power supply . You should try checking the power socket if  it's working properly   if not then you  need to  change  the socket soon   to prevent your computer in becoming dead.Sometimes due to bad weather condit…